Specialty Zippers

We provide very unusual functional zippers in unique colors as well as in super-long, extra-large and over-sized gauges – especially for costumers, artists, fashion & set designers, prototype producers and other creative people like ourselves. Our stock is always changing and being expanded based on customer feedback. Please feel free to check out the giant zipper galleries full of tons of inspiring project photos and submit suggestions for a zipper you’d like to see in the future.

Giant #30 Zippers#30 Giant Zippers

The fabled #30 gauge zipper is the largest size that is currently physically possible to mold. All of these giants feature quite heavy-duty chunky molded plastic teeth.

XL #20 Zippers#20 XL Zippers

The #20’s are a very light-weight alternative plastic compared to the industrial gauge of the other varieties. Big & noticeable without the mass for very easy zipping.

Large #10 Zippers#10 Large Zippers

The #10 zippers are constructed like the #30’s to be heavy-duty and extra-durable with strong molded plastic teeth hold. (This 10mm width is also known as “jumbo” size.)

Smaller zippers in standard and utility sizes can also be found here.

A selection of our zippers can also be found at our shop on Etsy.

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How this site works: All the zippers you see here are made and all ready to be shipped out. New zippers may appear at any time, while the current limited styles may be discontinued when this batch is sold out. (When any style has 10 pieces or less left in stock, a note will appear on that listing page.) Our stock is always changing, and some versions may only be available once.

(Please note that we are not currently able to accept custom order requests.)