Style FAQ


#30 zipper in glow-in-the-dark / black – 15″ long separating Officially known as “pin+box insert” zippers, we also refer to these as “jacket-separating” as this means both halves are meant to detach completely if needed, while still providing the end stops which prevent the slider from coming off the track when zipped up.

In the case of the #30-gauge fully-separating zippers, when both halves of the zip are detached, the slider may, if desired, be removed by sliding it all the way upwards and off to allow for a lighter-weight while wearing or for mixing-and-matching slider colors even after the zipper has been installed into the garment. Fully-separating #30’s can also be “reversed” by removing the slider and flipping it around to face the opposite side of the differently-shaped teeth.

Fully-separating #20’s also allow for the slider to be completely removed, if needed, such as when sewing.

The sliders on the fully-separating #10 zippers do not come off (mostly to prevent them becoming lost) and they are locked onto the track even when the zipper sides are detached.

One-End Open

#20 zipper in white - unzipped all the way Also called “one-end closed,” both terms mean the same thing: these zippers open from the top, but the slider cannot be removed completely as there is an end stop on the bottom. We sometimes refer to this type as a “bag-style” – as it is used more for backpacks and purses – but it is also good for other uses such as fitting details such as flared sleeves and pant legs or garments that don’t require a jacket-entry such as pull-over hoodies and tops. Smaller and shorter sizes are also used for pockets and design elements.

(We only have a few of these at the moment, but many more are soon on the way due to many requests. We plan to also be offering “one-end blank” versions where the closed end would end in a seam and thus not include the bottom end stop at all – this will reduce bulk and weight.)

Dual-Slider 2-Way Fully-Separating

#10 zipper in silver / black - 20" long dual-separating  Only available in 10mm (and smaller) width zippers, this variation is usually called a “coverall” or “sports parka” style zipper. These include two slider-pulls per zipper that function independantly and remain securely on the track. This variation has the advantage of being able to completely separate like the standard fully-separating zips, but can also be unzipped partially from the just the bottom or just the top to allow for more freedom of movement or comfort while sitting down. This kind of zipper can open in an “X-shape” where both sliders meet each other in the center – or come apart completely.

(Many more choices in this style are also on the way as well due to many requests.)

Zipper Chain

#30 zipper chain in silver - cut trim Zipper chain is just the teeth mounted on the fabric without any sliders included – although, since there are also no end-stops, sliders may be slipped on to the end if needed. The two halves of the zipper chain can also be disconnected just by pulling the two sides opposite each other, and then snapped back together by hand. Chain is generally continuous and can be cut down to any length for special applications such as trim for costumes or integrated into sculpture and decor.

(Zipper chain is sometimes offered here cut by the inch, but more often will be in pre-made segments to include empty fabric tape on both top and bottom ends to assist with sewing into seams.)

Top-Stop Zipper Chain

#30 Top Stop Zipper Chain w/ included slider - 13" long in pewter Top-stop zipper chain is a bit of a fusion for special needs. It includes top stops to prevent the slider from zipping off the top, but has an open bottom (that may be cut shorter if needed) instead of a normal bottom full-stop like the traditional “bag style” version above. This style will only be made in the giant #30 size, and it significantly cuts down on both excess weight and bulk. This is a good choice for messenger / tote bags or backpacks or special garment and decorating needs where the bottom stop was redundant for use as a flare opening or pocket.

(Early offerings of this half-way style were cut abruptly at the last tooth. From this point onward, top-stop chain will be incuding black faric tape on the bottom to better assist in placing the slider off and on during sewing.)