Organization XIII coat FAQ


Upcoming custom slots

  • July 7th : one custom slot available here in this shop
  • July 8th : second custom slot available via a 3-day eBay auction
  • end of August: ???
  • We also have one recently completed ready-to-go coat listed up on Etsy here!

Please watch our page on Facebook for future openings.



orgXIIIorg's Organization XIII coats

orgXIIIorg's hand-made coats

After falling in love with the Organization back in 2007, we began working on designing accurate replicas of their distinctive coats for our personal use - and after receiving many unexpected requests from other cosplayers, we started to provide quality costumes for others, too.

The following page explains our construction details and custom options we incorporate into our hand-made Organization XIII cosplays.

visually accurate

flattering garment vinyl with real double-seam panels

durable construction

quality materials, careful assembly & secure sewing

handy details

comfy interior lining, deep functional pockets & removable hardware

custom fit

sized to actual measurements w/ hood & zipper options

engineered design

patterns crafted by Saeru, master-level costumer

happy reviews

hand-made by cosplayers, for cosplayers, for 8+ years

current zipper choices

These are currently available zipper options:

(Please note that this selection will change from time to time for future slots, although there will always remain a couple of options at any given point.)

current chain set design

Over the years, our chain-sets for the coats have varied slightly due to availabilty of the base supplies and the eternal quest to make them both more lightweight and durable. Here are some close-up shots to see what they are looking like these days.

This string of chain & four beads can be easily hooked and unhooked onto the two heavy-duty metal swivel trigger snaps. The pair of pendulums are also hand-painted to simulate the shape in the original game renders. The pendulums are each attached to metallic silver cording, which are then topped with mini clasps to allow for the cords to also be removed from the main loops for transport and storage. All hand-painted areas include triple-layers of paint applications + gloss varnish for both durability and to simulate a metallic look.

We also offer the chain sets individually at our Etsy shop here for those that are otherwise making their own coats.