zipper suggestions



This is a courtesy note that the previous service for custom and/or bulk orders is now closed. We are going to concentrate on expanding the public stock instead for the time being. Thank you for your interest, though!



We are always looking to expand our zipper selection, so please feel free to leave us a note as to what you might like to see added in the future here. We can only add a few new types of zippers at a time, so the most highly-requested styles are most likely to be added our active inventory sooner. We’re striving to streamline this process so that we’ll be able to offer smaller batches more often.

NEW: Easy-to-use online suggestion form is here.

Please be as specific as you’d like, and feel free to add in more ideas as often as needed – even if it might be a bizarre kind of zipper that we’ve not offered before. Duplicate suggestions are completely fine, too!